European Institutions Open Day: All you wanted to know about working at the EC and never dared ask

For a change, I would be interested to get some inputs on my blog.

As not to hurt some of the nationalities, 8th of May is worked at the EC, but in exchange we rest on the 9th of May, which is the European Day. On this day, we also open doors to the public.

So if there is something you would like to know about working at the EC, feel free to ask and I will see if I can provide an answer or an insight.

Of course, the request has to be realistic!

Post your questions in one of the comments.


  1. What is your response to the continuously spread allegation about unelected elites in Brussels making 80 per cent of our laws?

  2. First of all, I enjoy reading your blog, nice insight from someone on 'the other side'.

    How well are the different nationalities represented among the fonctionaires? Are there quotas? Does the current system work or are there tensions?

  3. Hi,

    I like your blog alot, especially your tonality. No EU scepticism but a fair and balanced look at how things are with the Eu Bureaucracy. I hope you'll keep on writing.
    Best regards,