In the News: End of the Czech Presidency

Here we are, at the end of the Czech Presidency of the Union and it is time to give an assessment.

It started very well with a first controversy from David Cerny, giving a vibrant homage to Czech humor. But other Members States were not ready for that...
On the political affairs, their agenda was less ambitious than the previous one, and certainly much less egocentric!

I can't really tell you what is the outcome of this program, because the Presidency was rocked by the resignation of Topolánek, leaving a void at the top. It could not contrast more with the Omni-Presidency of Sarkozy.

Well, it was not a bad thing that Topolánek resigned... I think he has better things to do in Berlusconi Playboy Mansion...
Personally, it felt like 6 month lost, when we would have need a strong leadership in time of an major economic crisis and an important election. Really hope the Swedish do a better job.


  1. I think the Swedes will do well in their presidency - they're probably one of the better qualified member states to lead the EU into the Copenhagen talks later this year.