In the News: Barroso reelected... a sad week at the EC

A sad week indeed at the Commission. Barroso got reelected and another weak commission in perspective.
Personally, I felt quite bitter about the vote... What can we really expect from a President of the Commission who got the support from the Eurosceptic MEPs? I heard the Socialist Spanish MEPs voted for him, God knows what bargain is going on back door!

Time will tell. Next big fight: Irish referendum!

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  1. As the EPIN study said, the Commission was weakened during the first Barroso term. The heads of state or government were only too happy to lend him unanimous support for a second term.

    But Barroso was the candidate of the European People's Party, which became the largest parliamentary group, and he received a majority of the MEPs, so he can be seen as a legitimate choice, as well as an indication of the weakness of European level democracy.

    The Irish referendum and extra-parliamentary guerilla tactics in the Czech Republic (and Poland) still cause serious problems.

    We do not know when or which Commission we are going to get, although I propose a Czech Commissioner for multilingualism if they are unable to sort out their ratification without delay.