We are living extraordinary times but...

It is time to move on for Eurocrat!

The Treaty of Lisbon has entered into force and the European Institutions, and in particular the Commission, are experiencing changes of a great magnitude.

For the first time in many years, the role of each institution are being redefined: in the Commission, I believe it is the first treaty which transfer some powers to the Council; the Parliament is pumping more democracy in our institutions...

Many of the colleagues are getting nervous because of the new commission (which usually bring a restructuring) is happening with the ratification of a major treaty. But I personally feel confident that we are going in the right direction, the direction of democracy and governance.

I, for my part, am moving on professionally and I am taking the opportunity to conclude my blogging experience.
It has been a very thoughtful experience and I hope I have dispelled some mis-perceptions about European Officials.

The Euro-Blogosphere is very rich and growing and I hope there will be someone else to take my small chair...




  1. Thanks a lot for your blogging - it is a pity we lose you. Hope you go on with satisfaction, and hope you remain among us, even though your blogging journey might end!

    Best wishes and good luck!

  2. Best of luck in your new life, but I will miss your posts.

  3. Yes but what is the real reason for stopping your blog?

  4. yes, why are you stopping? Just discovered this blog and found it quite interesting.

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  6. I found this blog extremely interesting and it is a great loss it closed ...

    As for reasons, having done some math ,unfortunately I suspect it may have to do with a) length of probationary period of officials and b) perhaps with the leaked identity of our blogger in EC (?)

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